Registration form

Use this form to register your child for the NZ Chess Academy. 


  • You can register at any time (subject to availability) and join a squad after programs have started for the year.
  • Programs run from February through to December.
  • The squads that are available are listed on the squad info page. Refer to the class meeting times and player strength to determine which squad best suits you.
  • Pricing of various squads are listed on the Membership page. Note that payments are based on membership - not attendance. Eleven (11) monthly payments are required from February through to December. The academy runs during school holidays.
  • There is a limited number of places in each squad. Registering early gives you the best chance to be accepted and joining the academy.
  • Acceptance into a squad is based on our opinion of an applicant's current ability, positive attitude and future potential. Not all applicants will be offered a place in a Squad.
  • Squad members may withdraw from the academy at any time subject to seven (7) days written notice and in some cases a cancellation fee. No refunds will be given.

We will review your application and be in touch with confirmation of acceptance or otherwise.



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There is a tab at the top called validation, and that is where you can add data validation. You need to take special note of your form field names. You might find it easier to test your form one time and answer all questions on the page, then you will see the field names in the validation page.