Membership Fees

Up-front and save or a convenient plan

Joining a NZ Chess Academy training squad is a significant commitment to chess. It involves a number of activities designed to rapidly improve your skills. 

The fees and time involved increase as each stage progress. If you are interested in making an enquiry, just fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch with you.
We can arrange for your membership to be paid through a convenient weekly, or monthly, direct-debit. Membership runs from February to December and each year.
If paying weekly, payments are due each week. Note payments are not based on attendance but rather on membership.
If paying monthly, 11 monthly payments are required as the program runs from February - December.
Players may withdraw from the Training Squad at any time subject to 7 days written notice and in some cases a cancellation fee. No refunds will be given.

For most Squad Members this will replace the regular school club or after-school club that you attend - most likely you're one of the better players in that class anyway and it's time to move on to the next challenge.

The Training Squad is designed for students that are highly passionate about chess, and ideally for those who are prepared to make a full-year (52 week) commitment.

Acceptance into a squad is based on our opinion of an applicant's current ability, positive attitude and future potential. Not all applicants will be offered a place in the Squad. No appeals will be considered, our decision is final. A maximum of 12 players will be accepted into each squad.

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Membership Features

Your membership includes the following:

  • Weekly Squad Meetings
  • 24/7 access to lesson archives including hundreds of professional videos and self-study puzzle worksheets
  • Quarterly Progress Assessments
  • Email, phone and messenger access to your Head Coach
  • Coaching at arranged tournaments
  • NZCA Platinum discount card - gives you 10% off all tournaments and Chess equipment (Sarapu Cup, Chess Sets, Books, Clocks and more) 

Stage Progression





Recommended Rating Range

300 - 600 450 - 850 600-1100 750 - 1350
Duration of Squad meets 1 hour 1 hour 20 mins 1 hour 40 mins 2 hours
Weekly Fee $20/week $25/week $30/week $35/week
Monthly Fee $127/month
Annual Lump Sum Fee $1299
Training Squad Uniform Cap Cap + Shirt

Cap + Shirt + Hoodie