Stage 2 Learning Outcomes

The Stage 2 academy program is designed for players between 450 and 850 rating points.

These students are taught at a whole new level and are provided with access to advanced resources. The "Stage 2" Programme provides continuity for the students that have completed the Introductory Programme but also offers an option for kids that have good Chess experience (2+ years).

By the end of the "Stage 2" program you should expect to have learned:

Openings & Middle-Game

Openings & Middle-Game

Be able to understand and implement typical middle-game plans in the following openings:

  • Scotch Game
  • Ruy Lopez
  • The Danish Gambit
  • The Göring Gambit
  • Kings Gambit
  • Latvian Gambit
  • Philidor Defense
As part of this study we will look at typical middle-game plans and the correct strategies for both White and Black.



Develop more advanced techniques for winning material and checkmating their opponents. The following tactical motifs will be studied in detail:

  • Mating motifs
  • Double check
  • The discovered attack
  • Mate in two moves
  • The pin
  • Double attack
  • Combinations
  • Stalemate motifs
  • Forced variations
  • Promotion combinations


Strategy Foundation

Students start their journey on developing a foundation understanding of chess strategy, the cornerstone of all strong master players:

  • Value of the Pieces
  • Centralising
  • Realising a Material Advantage
  • Open Files & Outposts



No serious study of chess can occur without a thorough analysis of the endgame. Students extend their understanding of King & Pawn endgames through learning:

  • A review of Simple Pawn Endings
  • A review of the Opposition
  • Queen against Pawn