Stage 3 Learning Outcomes

Our "Stage 3" Squad is suitable for students ranging from 900 - 1500 rating points.

These students are taught at another whole new level focussing on long-term strategic play. The "Stage 3" Programme provides continuity for the students that have completed the "Stage 2" Programme but also offers an option for kids that have good Chess experience  and are regularly participating at a chess club (3+ years).

By the end of the "Stage 3" program you should expect to have learned:


Openings & Middle-Game

Be able to understand and implement typical middle-game plans in the following assymetrical openings:

  • Alekhine Defence
  • Scandanavian Defence
  • Sicilian Defence
  • French Defence
  • Caro-Kann Defence
  • Pirc Defence
As part of this study we will look at typical middle-game plans and the correct strategies for both White and Black.



Progressing from elementary tactics and combinations to studying methods for attacking with various piece combinations:

  • Attacking with Queen + Knight
  • Attacking with Queen + Rook
  • Attacking with Queen + Bishop
  • Attacking with Queen + Pawn
  • Attacking with Rook + Bishop
  • Attacking with Rook + Knight
  • Attacking Strategy
  • Mating Combinations
  • Combinations involving the back rank
  • The Greek Gift Sacrifice


Strategy Foundation

Continuing the foundation work from Stage 2, students will further their strategical understanding of Chess:

  • Weak Points
  • The Wrong Bishop

  • Pawn Weaknesses
  • The Pawn Wedge

  • The Use of Traps
  • The Semi-Open File

  • Mobilisation
  • Piece Coordination

  • The use of diagonals
  • Realising a material advantage
  • Open Games
  • Semi-Open Games
  • Calculating forced variations
  • Positional advantages
  • Good and bad bishops
  • Candidate moves
  • The centre
  • Evaluating the position



Develop practical endgame skills in the following endgames:

  • General endgame principles
  • Simple rook endings
  • Endgame technique
  • Typical mistakes in the endgame