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Foundation topics aim to establish a basic understanding that underpins everything. You can think of this area as the foundations of a building. Without a strong foundation students will have no guidelines with which to play quality chess.

The Three Golden Rules The first silver rule - Get Active!


Tactics are all about winning pieces and checkmating the king. Tactics are often the part of chess that gets kids excited and are an essential skill in chess. In the early stages of the academy tactics is our main focus as it is the greatest opportunity to improve quickly. In time, we learn how to turn tactics into combinations, a series of tactics working together and then learn strategic ideas that create ample opportunities where combinations flourish.

Double Attack Clearance


How to start a game of Chess well is important as it leads to a rewarding middlegame that you have good chances of winning. We use the study of Openings to help understand key middlegame ideas, plans and strategies. This learning area is not about memorising moves but more about understanding the ideas behind the moves.

Four Knights Game 6.Nd5 Four Knights Game 7.Bg5 with 11.Bh4


It is well known that players new to chess can conduct the middle game quite creditably but are usually perfectly helpless in the end game. One of the principal requisites of good chess is the ability to treat both the middle and end game equally well.

Pawn Endgames Introduction Outside Passed Pawn