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When does the next program Start?

We generally start our programs in February and July each year. For details of the next available program start dates refer to our Squad Info page.

So who are the Coaches?

We have selected the best coaches available for the task at hand. Some players look to a coach's rating as a measure of how good they are... we know that can be misleading. We have selected coaches who are firstly and most importantly able to engage with their students and inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. In saying this we have some very strong coaches including Women's Candidate Masters, National Masters and International Masters.

Chess Coach - Paul Macdonald Paul has been teaching Chess for many many years and as the 2014 NZ Chess Championships Major Open Champion, Paul knows what it takes to play and win in serious Chess. Although Paul has beaten many NZ Champions being a great Coach is mainly about creating a positive learning environment with lots of encouragement and support.
Chess Coach - Bruce Pollard Bruce is a great ambassador for Chess. He runs a number of coaching clinics at various schools around Auckland and also runs the Waitakere Chess Club Junior club. Bruce interacts with kids in a very positive and encouraging way which enhances kids' learning.

Additional coaches will be made available to the squad and guest coaches may be brought in as required.

What Guarantees can you give that I will become a much stronger player?

With the added support of your peer group and online resources you will have all the support you need to become a much better chess player!

The short answer is we cannot guarantee results. However, we are highly confident that you will get the results you are looking for as long as you put the work in. Our students move from strength to strength because they have all the resources and support they need - just take a look at Our Successes - the results speak for themselves.

As with anything, what you get out of the program is what you put into it. The NZ Chess Academy program:

ü Has the right environment with peers of similar ability

ü Is full of support and encouragement from exceptional coaches

ü Has the right structure and content with hundreds of professionally edited videos!

ü Gives you access to comprehensive learning materials

ü Supports you at events where you need the most support of all

ü Pushes you to strive for excellence through take-home exercises

ü Is catered to your individual needs

ü Is run professionally by professionals who teach chess for a living

Do I have to attend every tournament?

No, you don't have to attend every tournament available. However, the more tournaments you enter the more experience you will gain and the stronger you will become. You will receive invaluable feedback of your tournament games. All you need to do is make sure you record your games accurately and then send them to your academy coach after the event.

Will the program run over the school holidays?

Yes, the program will run over school holidays. At times you may be going on holiday and miss a few squad sessions. Don't worry, everything will be made available online and sessions are recorded so you can be sure you haven't missed anything and can catch up when you return from holiday.

How much home study do I have to do?

The first thing to understand is home study should be an exciting opportunity to self discover and improve your thinking skills. It should be something you thorough look forward to! Home study is an opportunity for you to express yourself, show your ability and to improve over time.

The amount of time it takes depends on the squad you join and it does fluctuate week-to-week and also depends on how challenging you find the exercises.

Here is a list of recommended time based on the squad. The beginner squads just require 30 minutes/week. The more advanced squads need 2 hours.



Rookies 30 minutes
Sharks 30 minutes


1 hour (Recommend two 30-minute sessions)
STAGE 2 1 hour (Recommend two 30-minute sessions)
STAGE 3 1 hour (Recommend two 30-minute sessions)
STAGE 4 1.5 hours (Recommend two 45-minute sessions)
STAGE 5 1.5 hours (Recommend two 45-minute sessions)
STAGE 6 2 hours (Recommend two 1 hour sessions)
STAGE 7 2 hours (Recommend two 1 hour sessions)
STAGE 8 2 hours (Recommend two 1 hour sessions)

So how do I get started?

Simply make an expression of interest using our enquiry form. We will contact you and discuss the program with you. Please note expressing an interest is not a guarantee that you will be accepted into the program.

When do I have to register by?

The sooner you express your interest the better. We can only cater for a maximum of 12 students for each squad. For details of which squads are starting and when, refer to our Squad Info page.

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