NZ Chess Academy

What is the NZ Chess Academy™?

Rating increase

The NZ Chess Academy™ is a specialised chess training centre targeted at talented junior chess players rated between 300 and 2200+ (usually aged 7-16). The academy is designed to improve these players ratings' by at least 200 rating points in the subsequent 12 months from when they join the academy.

As far as we are aware, this is the first time a dedicated training centre for Chess has been estabished in NZ focussed wholly on improving Junior players' capability. The program is gradual and progressive, with each topic building on the last, and each years' program building on the previous year.

The academy runs in Auckland however all of the program components are available online which enables isolated and regional players to take part in the program.

The academy forms squads of up to 12 students that are of similar playing strength. One of the most important aspects of chess improvement is to have a good peer group. You can only be as good as the people around you.

The academy encourages social interaction, friendly rivalries, competition, self-study and formal training amongst players that are at a similar level. And thanks to the internet these interactions can be New Zealand wide...

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This is an intensive program which requires players' commitment to tournament play, training and homework/self-study.

You can also join in the online lessons without having to physically attend the academy. This is perfect for kids who are geographically isolated from good chess coaches.

Check out our Program Features to learn more about the academy programs that are available.

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